Insurance Disputes

I can help you get covered.

Help resolve insurance claims in Santa Fe, NM

I can help you with these business insurance policies:

  • BOP—business owner’s policy
  • CGL—commercial general liability policy
  • Business auto policy
  • Workers’ compensation policy
  • E&O—errors and omissions policy (malpractice)
  • D&O—directors and officers policy
  • Inland marine policy
  • Excess or umbrella policy

I can also help you with these personal insurance policies:

  • Homeowners policy
  • Renters policy
  • Automobile policy
  • Motorcycle policy
  • Personal umbrella policy

Has your insurer left you stranded?

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Terms and conditions, exclusions, declarations—all that fine print . . . what does it all mean?

Once or twice a year, you pay your premium and the insurance company sends you a dozen or so pages that you may not have read, much less understood.  And you hope they are there when you’ve had a loss or you are facing a lawsuit.

But when you need it most, the insurance company might deny your claim.  Or underpay.  Or refuse to defend you in a lawsuit.

I can help get you back on track.

I’m a veteran of some of the biggest legal battles in the insurance industry, when giant insurance companies faced off with equally giant manufacturing corporations to deal with asbestos injuries and pollution damage.  I spent more than 14 years inside the insurance industry, as a claim handler and later as an attorney, learning the ins and outs of how insurers approach claims and fight their insureds.  I spent another 14 years as a lawyer battling on behalf of policyholders, forcing insurers to pay millions on claims ranging from warehouse fires to bank fraud.

I’ve written for publications serving the legal and risk management professions, helping countless others recover insurance money or simply become better insurance buyers.

When you are facing a significant loss or a lawsuit, you need someone who has the knowledge and skill to fight for your rights.  I do, and I can.

Different payment plans apply depending on the specific nature of your issue.  In some cases you pay nothing unless you recover.

But the initial consultation is always free.  Call or click to schedule a free consultation.

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