Bicyclist sits on curb after being hit by car

What to do after a bike crash (1 of 10)

First thing to do after bike accidentFrom my perspective as a lawyer I see how the things that bicyclists do after a crash can significantly affect the amount of money they can recover from another at-fault party, whether it’s a negligent motorist, a government body overseeing roads and trails, the maker or seller of faulty equipment, or another road or trail user.

In this 10-part series I’ll detail the ways that you can influence the amount of money you can recover from someone who’s liable to you for your injuries.

Tip No. 1:  Get clear and safe.

If you have crashed in a spot where there is likely to be additional traffic approaching or other danger, such as in a road, then the first and foremost thing to do after a bicycle accident is to get safely clear of the site of the impact.

The emphasis is on “safely.”

If your injuries are serious you may not be able to move to a safer spot by the side of the road. Neck and back injuries can be made worse by moving. But if you can do so without further harm to yourself, you want to get out of the way of motor vehicle traffic or other imminent danger.

Calling for help after bike crash

Every situation is different. Bystanders or even a driver who hit you might come to your aid to divert other traffic, to call for help, or just to sit with you until help arrives.

When you’re alone, you may need to call emergency responders. Preventing further injury to yourself is more important than worrying about a monetary recovery. The next tip will put you on course to preserve your rights and your case.

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